LISA Sunset Square Bandana


  • Reusable: This polyester-cotton NECK GAITER is washable and the filter can be replaced as needed. For everyday, all day use, it is recommended that replacement occurs 1-2 times per week.
  • Comfortable to Wear/Custom Fit: Our design features an aluminum strip on the nose to conform to the nose bridge and cheek bones, creating a secure seal. It also has a square structured bottom, making it universally fitted, functionally, and flattering.
  • Neck Gaiter with PM2.5 Filter: The filter element of this mask is 5 layers with activated carbon that effectively filters PM2.5 haze, dust, and other fine particles. It also prevents second-hand smoke and automobile exhaust.
  • Anti-Dust Respirator: Wearing this Neck Gaiter helps protect from germs, dust, cold, ash, pollen, fog and haze, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking and more.

GIVE IT: Perfect for everyone going out in public. Let's help prevent the spread of germs with a stylish Neck Gaiter.

For CUSTOM Neck Gaiters, please inquire: / 833-PMN-TEAM / 833-766-8326. We are HAPPY to offer a FREE VIRTUAL MOCKUP!

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